Collegium Collection: a visual archive of the 21st century

It is with the turn of the century that our collection begins to take shape, composed mainly of works created in the new chronological coordinates and in permanent dialogue with the conflicts that cross and define the map of contemporary culture. It is, without a doubt, a body of works subject to the principles of experimentation, to the demands of a certain political radicalism and to the inescapable capacity to generate and produce critical commentary. All of them, without exception, are outstanding pieces within the symbolic orders and the grammatical and discursive spaces of contemporary art. That which we often call useful art. An art that points out, reviews and research on the problems of its context and its time, an art that disregards the commonplaces and the benefits of the retinal paradigm to exercise its critical possibilities.

The collection seeks to overcome the very idea of frontier and to manage a naked vision of our reality. The lowering of all hegemonic principles, the critical will in the face of political anorexia and the disavowal of any exercise of power, confirm the ideals of this collection. A collection that is open to the world and that proposes, in its own way, the dismantling of the canonical order of organization and understanding of the history of art and society based on the urgent redefinition of economic, political, geographical and cultural issues.

Collegium's permanent collection is made up of works of art, mostly from the 21st century, mainly from private donations or gifts. The Adrastus Collection has given the works of art on gratuitous and indefinite loan for the exclusive use of the Collegium museum. We hope to be able to collaborate with other national or international collections in the very near future. The collection gathers about a thousand artworks by more than 150 artists, who traverse the perspectives of 40 countries and specific contexts, and each in his or her own way, dialogues with the urgencies of our global present.

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